​Accusations Levelled at Coca-Cola, Danone, and Nestlé Over Environmental Claims

​Accusations Levelled at Coca-Cola, Danone, and Nestlé Over Environmental Claims

Posted by Emily on 7th Nov 2023

Coca-Cola, Danone, and Nestlé are facing allegations of falsely advertising their plastic water bottles as "100% recycled." These claims have prompted a consumer watchdog alongside environmental organisations to lodge a formal complaint with the European Commission against what they claim is misleading marketing, or 'greenwashing'.

These groups contest that the bottles are not, in fact, entirely made from recycled materials. Coca-Cola maintains its packaging claims are legitimate, Danone emphasises its commitment to recycling initiatives, and Nestlé has remained silent.

The concept of 'greenwashing' is at the core of this dispute, referring to the practice where companies misrepresent the environmental benefits of their products, potentially deceiving customers seeking to make environmentally-friendly choices.

The complaint centres on the assertion from the companies above that their single-use plastic water bottles are completely recyclable or made from entirely recycled materials.

Backing the challenge, The European Consumer Organisation, along with ClientEarth and ECOS, argue that such marketing is fallacious, mainly when associated with green-themed imagery or branding.

They assert that no bottles on the market are made entirely from recycled materials and that the recyclability of these bottles is subject to several conditions, including local recycling capabilities.

ClientEarth's plastics lawyer, Rosa Pritchard, has stated, "The evidence is clear - plastic water bottles are simply not recycled again and again to become new bottles in Europe," emphasising that a complete recycling process is not currently feasible. She added, "It is important companies don't portray recycling as a silver bullet to the plastic crisis - instead, they need to focus efforts on reducing plastic at source."

Coca-Cola responded, "We only communicate messages on our packaging that can be substantiated, with any relevant qualifications clearly displayed to enable consumers to make informed choices." They further noted their proactive approach in promoting recycling awareness.

Danone also released a statement: "We strongly believe in the circularity of packaging - and will continue to invest and lead the campaign for better collection and recycling infrastructure alongside our partners."

Should the European Commission find merit in the complaint, it has the power to prompt a collective action among national consumer authorities, potentially leading to enforced corrective measures or fines within their jurisdictions. However, the Commission itself does not possess the authority to levy fines directly.

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