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​Geoff Whitehead on the Ceres Podcast Episode 140 From Dreams to Reality

​Geoff Whitehead on the Ceres Podcast Episode 140 From Dreams to Reality

Posted by Emma on 20th Jan 2024

Stelios welcomes Geoff Whitehead, the current National Federation of Fish Friers Fish & Chip Shop of the Year winner, in an engaging episode 140 of the Ceres Podcast that promises insights, inspiration, and a deep dive into the world of Britain's beloved dish.

Geoff holding fish & chips

Geoff Whitehead shares his inspiring backstory, detailing how he navigated the path to becoming a renowned name in the fish and chip industry.

Drawing parallels between football coaching and business management, Geoff discusses his approach to leading and managing teams. This segment covers his experiences employing staff and fostering a learning environment for like-minded individuals eager to grow their businesses.


Geoff opens up about the seasonal nature of his fish and chip business, discussing how he manages staffing challenges and maintains consistent customer flow despite price fluctuations. He also reveals his thoughts on expanding his business -  or consciously choosing not to - and shares his daily motivation and business philosophy.

Winning the NFFF Fish & Chip Shop of the Year award is no small feat. Geoff describes his journey since winning, offering advice to future contenders. He reflects on what set his shop apart from the competition. He discusses the impact of the award on his business turnover. Importantly, Geoff shares his goals post-award and how he keeps his team motivated.

Geoff being presented his award

Geoff doesn't shy away from discussing pressing industry issues. He offers his perspective on the VAT system, energy prices, and the operational challenges facing fish and chip shops today. His insights into VAT, including its history and potential reforms, are particularly enlightening.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from a true trade master. Tune into episode 140 of the Ceres Podcast to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with Geoff Whitehead and Stelios