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​Insights into George's Tradition with Nick Hogan in Episode 143 of the Ceres Podcast

​Insights into George's Tradition with Nick Hogan in Episode 143 of the Ceres Podcast

Posted by Emily on 15th Feb 2024

In the latest episode of the  Ceres Podcast, Season 7, Episode 143, Stelios had the privilege of sitting down with Nick Hogan, the managing director of George's Tradition, a name synonymous with quality fish and chips in East Midlands. With a career deeply rooted in operations, Nick has been the unseen force ensuring the smooth running of George's Tradition's operations.

Founded by Andrew Constantinou, George's Tradition began as a single fish & chip shop in Belper with a vision to serve not just any fish but the highest quality fish. Today, the company operates from 7 outlets, employing approximately 120 people, and remains as committed to quality as it was at its inception.

Nick provides an intimate look into the early days of George's Tradition, highlighting the innovative approach of establishing a central preparation facility - Tasty Choice - at the time, setting the brand apart in the industry.


Nick shares his unique perspective and experiences. Having joined the business 90's, Nick's role has been pivotal in ensuring the seamless running of the company's operations, embodying the unsung hero behind the brand's enduring success.

Listeners will be captivated by the discussion around the significance of having a central preparation facility and how it has been fundamental to maintaining consistency across multiple outlets. Nick candidly addresses how George's Tradition plans to navigate the challenges of price increases and maintain volume in the coming year. The conversation delves into the strategies employed to ensure staff consistency, the impact of technological advancements like click & collect, in-house delivery, and self-service kiosks, and the brand's stance on using all the aggregators.

The episode does not shy away from the tough times, including the story of George's Kitchen and the departure of founder Andrew Constantinou. Nick reflects on the lessons learned from these experiences and how they have shaped the company's resilience and adaptability. Furthermore, the discussion touches upon the broader changes in the industry.

As the conversation unfolds, Nick shares his insights on critical industry topics, such as VAT and double invoicing, and offers a glimpse into his vision for the future of fish and chip shops.

In conclusion, this episode with Nick Hogan illuminates George's Tradition's rich history and resilience. It offers valuable insights into the future of the fish and chips industry. It's a testament to the power of tradition, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of quality.

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