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Introducing  Nick

Introducing Nick

Posted by Stelios on 18th Mar 2023

Coffee shops have expert baristas, cocktail bars have professional mixologists and at Ceres we have…Nick Damurakis!

I’m delighted to welcome Nick to the Ceres team as our Business Development Manager. He brings a wealth of experience, having been in the fish and chip industry for over 20 years. Like many of us, he started working in his parents’ shops before running his own in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex so understands the many challenges involved.

As well as having a solid knowledge of the industry and how to run a fish & chips shop, Nick has been a Ceres customer for 12 years and has used pretty much all of our products, so he knows them inside and out and believes in them. Not because he has to, but because he’s seen the results. On top of that, he has tapped into the resources we’ve put out, including our Ceres podcasts, our written articles and, from time to time, my knowledge too.

All this makes Nick the perfect person to help you serve the best fish and chips. He can advise on batter mixing, demonstrate all of our products and help with menu development. Or he can just be a friendly ear to listen when you need one.

Commenting on joining Ceres, Nick says: “I am excited to be working with Ceres and to have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with current and new customers.

“I am genuinely looking forward to helping operators get the most out of our products, just as Stelios taught me when I was a customer.

“I feel I am in a great position to advise operators on Ceres products as I’ve used them for years. I do love the fact that Ceres products are made by friers for friers.”

So if your batter looks bleak, your menu appears mundane or your mushy peas look far from perfect, book a demo with Nick today and let him give your business the fresh injection it needs.


  1. Nick can’t be late so is usually ridiculously early for everything.
  2. In every country he visits, Nick will try fish and chips if they serve them. His wife calls him the fish and chips tourist.
  3. He has an irrational fear of sharks thanks to watching the film Jaws!