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​Jeremy Hunt's Key Points at the Conservative Party Conference

​Jeremy Hunt's Key Points at the Conservative Party Conference

Posted by Emily on 5th Oct 2023

Jeremy Hunt has emphasised the need to resize the state to pre-pandemic levels and boost productivity. His message is clear: Don't underestimate Britain's economic prospects.

Jeremy Hunt UoS MediaCityUK 4 (6831283570) Image Source: University of Salford Press Office, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Civil Service and Recruitment

  • Jeremy Hunt proposes a freeze on civil service recruitment and aims to reduce the Whitehall workforce to pre-pandemic levels.
  • He highlighted the "one-in, one-out" recruitment cap, aiming to save taxpayers £1bn next year.
  • Hunt appreciates the dedication of civil servants during the pandemic but believes the expansion of the state has been excessive. He asserted, "New policies should not always mean new people."

Productivity and Public Services

  • Hunt envisions using technology to alleviate workload burdens on frontline staff, including teachers and police.
  • Increasing public sector productivity by just 0.5% could stabilise the state's size while still accommodating growing service demands.
  • John Glen has been commissioned to study the bureaucracy and inefficiencies plaguing frontline staff.

Wages and Benefits

  • The government plans to revisit benefits sanctions to ensure fairness.
  • Jeremy Hunt agreed to raise the hourly minimum wage from £10.42 to at least £11 by April 2024, a raise for two million workers.
  • He's concerned about the 100,000 individuals yearly leaving jobs for benefits and proposes sanctions for those neglecting their job search duties.

Economic Prospects and Labour Party Critique

  • Contrasting the Conservative economic approach with Labour's, Hunt criticised Labour's plan to borrow £28bn annually for green technologies, cautioning against increased borrowing, taxes, and inflation.
  • Despite economic challenges, Hunt remains optimistic about the UK's prospects, especially in emerging sectors like tech. Britain recently became the third trillion-dollar tech economy globally.

Film & TV Sector

  • The UK's strength in film and TV production was celebrated, with Hunt expressing hope to see international productions, like the Barbie sequel, showcasing British symbols.
  • He recalled his tenure as the culture secretary and how he boosted tax incentives for film studios producing in the UK.


Jeremy Hunt has delineated a vision where the state operates efficiently and responsibly, maximising the potential of technology and ensuring fairness in wages and benefits. While these changes may seem unglamorous, they are crucial for a thriving UK economy. Despite the challenges, Hunt remains optimistic about the UK's economic growth and potential. The emphasis now is on execution, balancing reform with compassion, and striving for a state that is more productive than expansive.