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​McDonald's Targets Unprecedented Growth: 10,000 New Stores by 2027

​McDonald's Targets Unprecedented Growth: 10,000 New Stores by 2027

Posted by Emma on 17th Jan 2024

In a remarkable growth strategy, McDonald's has announced plans to open approximately 10,000 new restaurants worldwide by 2027. This expansion could mark the fastest growth phase in the company's history. Alongside this, McDonald's aims to significantly boost its loyalty program, targeting $45 billion in sales and expanding its customer base to 250 million by 2027, up from 150 million users.

McDonalds, Danville, Illinois (50409250213) David Wilson from Oak Park, Illinois, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the fluctuating U.S. consumer spending, McDonald's has maintained a strong market position. This success is attributed to its competitively priced menu, robust promotions, and effective marketing strategies. CEO Chris Kempczinski expressed cautious optimism about prospects, acknowledging the resilience of consumers.

Most of the expansion will occur in international developmental licensed markets, including China, India, Japan, and Brazil. Over half of the new restaurants are planned for China, a key market for McDonald's, following a recent strategic deal enhancing the company's regional control.


This global growth initiative will increase McDonald's global presence to around 50,000 stores by 2027. Additionally, the company's "Best Burger" initiative, which focuses on enhancing burger quality, is set to expand from 70 to nearly all markets by 2026.

For 2024, McDonald's forecasts a nearly 2% increase in system-wide sales from new restaurants. Analysts view these targets as ambitious yet achievable, highlighting McDonald's capacity for large-scale execution.

The company also acknowledged the impact of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East on its operations. In a strategic move to improve operational efficiency and customer experience, McDonald's has partnered with Alphabet's Google Cloud to integrate AI solutions across its global network.

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