​Papa John's Announces Closure of 50 UK Outlets to Cut Losses

​Papa John's Announces Closure of 50 UK Outlets to Cut Losses

Posted by Emily on 1st Mar 2024

Papa John's has announced plans to shut down around 50 company-owned restaurants across the UK. This decision is part of a strategic move to address financial losses and enhance operational efficiency. The targeted closures, scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, involve locations significantly underperformed, contributing to two-thirds of the company's operating losses in the UK during the last quarter of 2023.

Papa Johns - geograph.org.uk - 3949302 Papa Johns by David960, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The company, with over 450 stores nationwide, including outlets in service stations, holiday parks, and attractions, is actively reassessing its UK operations. Papa John's has made significant adjustments in the past year by reassigning 61 franchised outlets to more successful franchisees and converting 118 franchised locations to company ownership.


During a conference call on the company's 2023 financial results, Rob Lynch, the CEO of Papa John's International, highlighted the positive impact of these strategic changes. He emphasised the company's commitment to continuously review its portfolio in the UK, hinting at the possibility of additional closures to ensure sustained profitability and a stronger franchise network.

Under Lynch's leadership, Papa John's International reported a global revenue of $2.1 billion (£1.6 billion) for 2023, marking a 1.6% increase from the previous year. This growth underscores the company's ongoing efforts to optimise its market presence and financial performance.

Papa John's scooters Jordy Schaap, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

"We are building on the progress in this important market as we continue to take strategic actions that will drive improved profitability and further strengthen our franchisee base," Lynch stated, affirming the company's dedication to its growth and operational excellence in the UK.

Papa John's commitment to refining its business strategy reflects its focus on long-term success and market leadership. As the company navigates through these changes, it aims to emerge stronger, with a more profitable and efficient operation.

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