​Tim Hortons Reveals New Franchise Strategy for UK Growth

​Tim Hortons Reveals New Franchise Strategy for UK Growth

Posted by Emily on 17th Oct 2023

The Canadian group Tim Hortons has introduced a new franchising scheme in the UK to expand its network of 75 outlets.

This coffee and quick-service restaurant chain commenced its UK journey in Glasgow in 2017 and has earned recognition as one of the most rapidly expanding enterprises in consecutive 2022 and 2023 Bakery Market Reports. In the previous year alone, the brand established 31 additional locations.

Tim Hortons, Calgary, Alberta province, Canada ? April 2022 - 02 Sharon Hahn Darlin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After a meticulous five-year period of trial and enhancement, resulting in a streamlined operational approach and a sturdy infrastructure, Tim Hortons is prepared to facilitate the nationwide launch of drive-thru and restaurant venues through new franchise partnerships. This strategic move is designed to broaden the company's commercial horizons.

With over sixty years of expertise in franchising, Tim Hortons proudly oversees more than 1,500 franchisees in Canada, alongside swiftly burgeoning markets in countries like China, India, the UAE, and Mexico.

In the UK, the brand has observed a consistent consumer appetite for its variety of breakfast options, custom-made sandwiches, freshly prepared doughnuts, and assorted beverages over the past six years. The company recounted instances of enthusiasts camping outside their premises for up to 40 hours preceding launches, highlighting the inauguration of their first London outlet at Park Royal in April 2022 as the most triumphant worldwide in the last half-decade.

Tim Hortons 18 wheel transport truck in Vancouver Sam from Vancouver, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

"The UK's enthusiasm for Tim Hortons has been overwhelmingly positive," stated Kevin Hydes, Chief Commercial Officer of Tim Hortons' UK franchise division. "Our commitment has always been to provide guests with the finest quality of a diverse range of beverages, doughnuts, and customised meals. We are now eager to accelerate the presence of Tim Hortons across more local communities throughout the country. We are convinced our franchising scheme is central to realising this ambition," he elaborated.

Hydes emphasised the search for skilled operators within the UK, those with a credible history of upholding brand principles, exceeding customer expectations, and fostering commercial prosperity. He maintained that their robust market standing—as the world's third-largest coffee brand—and their distinctive beverage-focused, quick-service dining concept, would capture significant interest and offer substantial commercial benefits to franchise associates.

Originating from a lone outlet in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964, established by Canadian hockey legend Tim Horton, the chain now encompasses over 4,700 restaurants globally. Plans are also in motion to continue unveiling and managing corporate-owned sites throughout the UK.