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​UK National Living Wage Increase 2024

​UK National Living Wage Increase 2024

Posted by Emily on 31st Mar 2024

In April 2024, the UK will witness a noteworthy rise in the national living wage, elevating it from £10.42 to £11.44 per hour. This adjustment extends eligibility to individuals aged 21 and 22, marking a pivotal change in wage standards. Additionally, the minimum wage is set to increase, impacting nationwide workers. This article delineates the upcoming changes, elucidating the distinctions between living and minimum wage.

Announced during the Autumn Statement of November 2023, the national living wage hike is poised to benefit nearly three million individuals, adding over £1,800 annually to full-time workers' salaries. The adjustment aims to equalize earnings for those aged 21 and 22 with those receiving the national living wage, ensuring a unified rate.

Moreover, the real and London living wages have surged by 10%, a move that will instantly uplift wages for approximately half a million workers. This increase, however, is optional, leaving the choice to employers.


The national living wage, instituted in 2016, covers workers aged 23 and above, with the age threshold reduced from 25 in April 2021. This wage aims to reach two-thirds of median earnings by 2024, reflecting a significant uplift in workers' income compared to 2010.

While the national living wage succeeded the minimum wage in 2016 for those over 25, it has since evolved to include younger workers, with the latest update encompassing 21 and 22-year-olds at the same rate.

Apprentice Rate National Minimum Wage National Minimum Wage National Minimum Wage National Living Wage
Apprentice Under 18 18 to 20 21 to 22 23 and over
April 2022 to March 2023 £4.81 £4.81 £6.83 £9.18 £9.50
April 2023 to March 2024 £5.28 £5.28 £7.49 £10.18 £10.42
April 2024 to March 2025 £6.40 £6.40 £8.60 £11.44 £11.44

Setting these wage rates involves recommendations from the independent Low Pay Commission (LPC), which the government reviews annually. The LPC's recommendations have been accepted for the forthcoming adjustments.

This enhancement represents the most significant increase in over a decade, offering a pay rise exceeding 10%, significantly outpacing the current inflation rate of 4.6%. Accommodation provided by employers will also see an adjusted offset rate from April 2024.

Distinct from the government-set wages, the real living wage offers a voluntary, higher pay rate, as determined by the Living Wage Foundation. This rate has also seen a 10% increase, benefiting workers inside and outside London.

We welcome your insights and comments below. How do you perceive these changes? Will they significantly impact your business or personal finances? Share your thoughts and join the discussion.