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​#161 - Master Class with David Miller & Stelios - The Potato Selection Episode

​#161 - Master Class with David Miller & Stelios - The Potato Selection Episode

Posted by Emily on 20th May 2024

Join hosts David Miller and Stelios in the inaugural episode of the Ceres Master Class, where they delve deep into the crucial topic of sourcing chipping potatoes for fish and chip shops. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, David shares his wealth of knowledge alongside Stelios, who brings technical expertise from his years in his family's fish and chip shops and as the founder of Ceres.

graphic for the ceres podcast including David Miller and stelios

In this episode, titled "The Potato Selection Episode," listeners embark on a journey from the field to the fork, exploring the intricacies of the potato growing cycle. The hosts discuss key considerations such as potato varieties, the difference between early and main-crop potatoes, and the importance of selecting potatoes with the right dry matter for crispy chips. This information is crucial for anyone in the food industry, especially fish and chip shop owners, making it a must-listen episode.

Throughout the discussion, David and Stelios address common questions and misconceptions, including the benefits of buying from local farmers versus merchants, the role of relationships in the supply chain, and the significance of dry matter and sugar content in potatoes. They also emphasise the importance of proper storage and record-keeping for maintaining potato quality.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips that will inform and empower fish and chip shop owners. These tips will enable you to make informed decisions when sourcing chipping potatoes, setting the foundation for success in this essential aspect of the industry. After this episode, you'll feel confident and capable in your potato-sourcing strategies.