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​#164 - Master Class - Potato Peeling with David Miller & Stelios

​#164 - Master Class - Potato Peeling with David Miller & Stelios

Posted by Emma on 27th May 2024

In episode 164 of the Ceres Podcast, "The Potato Peeling Episode," hosts David Miller and Stelios focus on optimising potato preparation for the fish and chip industry. This episode is part of the Ceres Master Class series, specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of those involved in this sector.

The discussion in this episode is not just theoretical; it's about practical solutions. Our hosts cover a variety of technical aspects related to potato peeling, including the efficiency of peelers, the possibility of over- or under-peeling, and the optimal times for rumbling potatoes. They also share practical tips like using timers to ensure consistency, the indicators for re-gritting a peeler, and how to detect stones in the machinery.

Much of the conversation is dedicated to differentiating the peeling processes for early crop versus main crop potatoes and evaluating potato yields. They discuss an acceptable yield from 25kg of unprepared potatoes and strategies for speeding up the peeling process while minimising waste.

Additionally, the episode covers maintenance practices like keeping the peeler and drains clean, maintaining a potato diary to track various parameters, and the decision-making involved in using either a half-bag or full-bag peeler. They also debate the benefits of having a spare peeler and using an eying tray to enhance quality control.

This master class episode is not just a guide; it's a game-changer for anyone looking to refine their potato preparation process in the fish and chip industry. It's a comprehensive resource that emphasises both operational efficiency and quality, equipping you with the tools to take your food prep skills to the next level.