​Andrew Crook Discusses Industry Challenges in Episode 151

​Andrew Crook Discusses Industry Challenges in Episode 151

Posted by Emily on 24th Apr 2024

In this episode of the Ceres Podcast, we welcome back Andrew Crook for an insightful discussion. Andrew, a regular since the podcast's early days, delves into the current state and prospects of the fish and chips industry from his dual perspective as a business owner and industry leader.

Andrew shares updates on his own shop's performance and how he's navigating challenges like rising wages and local market conditions. The conversation broadens to address widespread concerns among his peers, such as the impact of regulatory changes and the cost implications of infrastructure requirements like grease traps. Stelios questions whether the responsibility for these costs should shift to water companies, suggesting that such a move might unfairly burden smaller operators.

The discussion shifts to political engagement, where Andrew critiques recent government actions, like the disappointing outcomes from the spring budget and the complex dynamics surrounding VAT adjustments. He discusses his approach to political involvement, emphasising the importance of maintaining a nonpartisan stance to advocate for the industry effectively across different political landscapes.

Andrew reflects on association membership, tackling issues like member apathy and the challenge of keeping members engaged. Regarding certifications, Andrew evaluates the NFFF's Quality Accreditation and MSC certification, considering the credibility and future of these recognitions.

The episode wraps up with Andrew reflecting on his tenure and plans, underscoring his commitment and the personal sacrifices required to balance life and leadership responsibilities. He makes a compelling case for why industry professionals should consider joining the NFFF, highlighting the organisation's benefits and support.

This engaging and frank conversation offers a deep dive into the fish and chips industry, providing valuable insights for anyone connected to this beloved sector. To fully appreciate the depth of the dialogue, listeners are encouraged to check out the full episode.