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​Announcing the 2024 Overseas Fish and Chip Shop Award Finalists

​Announcing the 2024 Overseas Fish and Chip Shop Award Finalists

Posted by Emily on 24th Jan 2024

In an exciting development for 2024, the National Fish and Chip Awards have introduced a new category: the Overseas Fish and Chip Shop. This category aims to honour international businesses that are successfully showcasing a British culinary favourite around the world.

Despite the geographical spread of the contenders, a specialised panel of industry experts from the UK conducted thorough assessments. The panel's expertise and commitment have led to the selection of three finalists, each demonstrating excellence in delivering traditional British fish and chips abroad.

The challenge of authentically replicating this British staple's flavours, textures, and aromas overseas is significant. Yet, these finalists have risen, showcasing their ability to adapt and overcome unique challenges.

The 2024 Finalists:

- Iceland: Fish and Chips Vagninn, Reykjavik

- Vietnam: Union Jack's Fish and Chips, Ho Chi Minh City

- USA: Wright's Fish and Chips, Georgia

The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on February 28 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers and awards organiser, expressed excitement about the category, noting its role in uniting people and spreading British culture worldwide. Crook praised the finalists for their impressive achievements in maintaining the tradition and quality of fish and chips.

Sponsoring this category is JFK, a century-old leading fish producer from the Faroe Islands. JFK recently introduced its new vessel, GADUS, representing a significant advancement in sustainable fishing. Optimised for fishing, processing, and freezing cod and haddock, GADUS uses the latest energy-efficient technology to minimise CO2 emissions and maximise resource utilisation.

Jógvan Hansen, JFK's sales and operations director, commended the finalists, emphasising JFK's commitment to quality and freshness in the global fish and chip industry.

We invite you to share your thoughts on these finalists and the significance of this award in promoting British cuisine globally. Leave a comment below!