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​Bells Fish and Chips Emerges as the Top Contender for the Field to Frier Award

​Bells Fish and Chips Emerges as the Top Contender for the Field to Frier Award

Posted by Emma on 29th Feb 2024

In a remarkable showcase of expertise and quality, Bells Fish and Chips in County Durham has triumphed over national competition to win the Field to Frier Award at this year's National Fish and Chip Awards. This award celebrates excellence in potato preparation and frying, highlighting those who achieve the pinnacle of quality in the fish and chip industry.

The competition was fierce, with finalists including Finney's Fish and Chips from Anglesey and Ship Deck from Caerphilly. Each contender was evaluated on a rigorous set of criteria, from selecting seasonal potato varieties to their preparation, storage, and frying methods. The goal was to produce consistently golden chips, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers and awards organiser, remarked, "The Field to Frier category is highly competitive. Bells Fish and Chips stood out for their comprehensive understanding and execution of the entire process, from sourcing to serving perfectly cooked chips."


The award was sponsored by Isle of Ely Produce and Agrico, with the latter's Babylon variety potato being highlighted for its popularity among UK chip shops. "We are thrilled to recognise Bells Fish and Chips for their exemplary practice in potato preparation and frying. Their commitment to quality sets a benchmark for the industry," said Alex Moore, Sales Manager at Agrico UK.

Oliver Boutwood, Director of Isle of Ely Produce, reflected on the growth of the Field to Frier initiative, celebrating a decade of bridging the gap between chip shop owners and farmers to enhance the quality of Britain's beloved chips.

In addition to this honour, Bells Fish and Chips has also been awarded the 2024 Multiple Operator of the Year award, further establishing its excellence in the fish and chip sector. The team is set to participate in an educational trip to Norway, sponsored by Seafood from Norway, to gain insight into sustainable fishing practices and fish's journey from sea to shop.

This win not only celebrates the success of Bells Fish and Chips but also shines a light on the meticulous care and passion that goes into creating the perfect chip.

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