​Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Independent Hospitality Week Kicks Off This May!

​Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Independent Hospitality Week Kicks Off This May!

Posted by Emma on 30th Apr 2024

The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) is launching Independent Hospitality Week to highlight the contributions of independent hospitality businesses. Scheduled to run from May 6th to May 12th, 2024, this campaign celebrates the resilience, adaptability, and the crucial role these businesses play in local economies and communities across the UK.

"Independent hospitality businesses are the backbone of our high streets, driving innovation, diversity, and forward-thinking in the industry. They are integral to the fabric of our communities, yet they need our support more than ever," says Alan Fox from NCASS.

Statistics highlight the significance of these establishments. Around 140,000 independent hospitality businesses in the UK make up 70% of the sector. These businesses are not only the majority but also serve as a foundation for growth and innovation within the industry.

Throughout the week, NCASS encourages participating businesses to engage creatively with their customers, offering a taste of their unique experiences. This could include producing promotional videos that capture the essence of their establishments, or crafting special menus that showcase their distinct flavours and culinary expertise.

Alan Fox emphasises the importance of these enterprises, stating, "Independent hospitality businesses are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods, fostering connections and creating memorable experiences for everyone. As they continue to navigate uncertain times, let's show our unwavering support and appreciation."

NCASS also stresses the collective effort required to uplift these businesses. "Tens of thousands of independent hospitality businesses work hard daily to open their doors, hatches, and hearts to customers," NCASS remarks. We champion these independents and want to unite the country to celebrate and support them."

The initiative is a call to action for everyone to back independent businesses, share food and drink experiences, and publicly support the businesses that define our cities, towns, and villages. NCASS is asking businesses to join the celebration and for their customers to vocally express how much their local bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, street food traders, and event & festival traders mean to them. Your voice and support are crucial in this collective effort.

"Let's raise the profile of these independents and make Independent Hospitality Week a topic of conversation," encourages NCASS. They suggest that businesses inform their customers about their participation in the week and why it is crucial for them to show support, encouraging patrons to spread awareness both through word of mouth and on social media.

This concerted effort aims to amplify the importance of independent hospitality businesses, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they deserve.