​Ceres Podcast Episode 158: Insights from Fry Magazine's Reece Head

​Ceres Podcast Episode 158: Insights from Fry Magazine's Reece Head

Posted by Emily on 7th May 2024

In this enlightening episode, our host Stelios engages with Reece Head, a renowned authority in the fish and chips industry and a pivotal figure at Fry Magazine & the Fry Top 50 Awards. Reece, with his wealth of experience, shares invaluable insights and engages in a comprehensive discussion on various industry-centric topics.

Reece starts by recounting how he entered the fish and chips trade; he then reflects on the industry's challenges and trends, leveraging his extensive network of contacts from all sides of the trade.

Reece and his colleague Andy's long-standing involvement with Fry Magazine leads to a discussion on the publication's evolution in an increasingly digital world. He addresses the challenges of maintaining a print magazine and the implications of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) choosing to discontinue its magazine. Reece also explores how media changes affect Fry Magazine's operations and strategies to stay relevant amidst a shifting landscape towards digital and social media.

The conversation then takes a fascinating turn towards the Fry Awards, delving into their inception and what distinguishes them in the competitive awards landscape. Reece provides a detailed overview of the criteria that define a prestigious award and the rationale behind the participation fee, underscoring the value it brings to the entrants. The enduring impact of these awards over their 13-year history and their continued relevance in the industry are also explored.

Post-COVID changes and the resurgence of industry shows take the spotlight, with Reece shedding light on the shows he organizes and their significance in the current context. This discussion underscores the industry's resilience and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

As a NEODA President's Committee member, Reece talks about National Fish & Chip Day, addressing feedback about its timing and the strategic considerations for maximizing its impact.

Reece concludes with personal anecdotes from his 23-year career in the industry, touching on his interests and hobbies outside of work. He stresses the importance of adapting to market changes, particularly the shift to digital, and the necessity of appealing to younger consumers with sustainable, healthy food options like fish and chips.