​Ceres Podcast Episode 159: A Journey Through Triumph and Tragedy with David Nicolaou

​Ceres Podcast Episode 159: A Journey Through Triumph and Tragedy with David Nicolaou

Posted by Emily on 16th May 2024

In this thought-provoking episode of the Ceres Podcast, our host Stelios introduces us to David Nicolaou, the man behind Auckley Friery near Doncaster. David's narrative is a blend of personal and professional, as he takes us through his unique entry into the fish and chips trade, a journey that was shaped by both familial support and personal tragedy, the untimely death of his brother.

David discusses his unexpected entry into the fish and chip industry, which was significantly influenced by his late brother. His recount of dealing with this loss reveals its profound impact on him and his family, shaping not just personal lives but also business dynamics.

Despite not being a native of Auckley, David has cultivated a loyal customer base. His interaction with customers has been pivotal, especially following a major refit of the Friery, which significantly boosted the business.

David reflects on his business's numerous awards, including a perfect score in the Fry Top 50 awards. He shares his views on the NFFF Quality Award and the NFFF Fish & Chip Shop of the Year, acknowledging how these accolades have validated their commitment to quality and customer service.

David's business acumen shines through in his strategic decisions. His choice to streamline the menu, focusing on quality over quantity by eliminating kebabs, is a prime example. This decision not only showcases his commitment to quality but also his foresight in system management and reliance, ensuring the business's sustainability even in his absence. Looking ahead, David is contemplative about re-entering the competitive awards arena, a testament to his continuous drive for excellence and innovation.

The episode also discusses why David has not pursued expanding his business, focusing on maintaining quality and control. Additionally, David expresses his enthusiasm about co-hosting segments for the Ceres podcast, specifically the 'read the news' feature, highlighting his eagerness to engage more with the media aspect of the industry.

This episode provides a touching, detailed look into how personal experiences can profoundly influence professional paths and how embracing quality and community can lead to business success and personal fulfilment.