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​Cooking Mushy Peas With An Induction Hob

​Cooking Mushy Peas With An Induction Hob

Posted by Emily on 6th Aug 2023

Induction hobs are unique compared to other available hobs, as they heat the pan directly instead of the hob ring. When you switch on an induction hob, a magnetic field underneath the surface is activated.

Upon placing a pan on the hob, the circuit is completed, resulting in the base of the pan getting heated. This is the reason why induction cooking is so rapid and efficient. All other hobs heat the ring first, which heats the pan and then heats the food. But with induction, a whole step is eliminated from this process.



Energy Efficiency

Easy to clean

Availability of excellent portable units

Ease of use


Higher Cost

Potential need to purchase new pots & pans

Whilst induction is currently the finest heating method on the market, all this technology does mean that you might have to shell out a bit extra for it. However, the energy and time savings could imply that the additional expense might quickly pay for itself over the lifespan of the hob.

An induction hob is a better investment than a pressure cooker; how well mushy peas turn out depends primarily on how they are cleaned and soaked.

We highly recommend an induction hob; you can acquire some fantastic, powerful models that can be stowed away after use.