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Crispy Calamari

Crispy Calamari

Posted by Nick on 4th Mar 2023

Golden, crispy, tender morsels of calamari. it’s the staple dish of many European and mediterranean holidays. but why can’t it be great here in the U.K?

These days, squid (calamari) is available in most supermarkets and from most, if not all, fish and seafood suppliers. You have an abundance of choices; you can get your squid whole, prepared, fresh, frozen and even sliced. Luckily, it’s not very expensive to buy and, with it being quite popular, it could bring in some excellent profits.


Ceres Alpha Coater: The Ceres Alpha Coater uses very specific starches with a high amylase content. Without getting too technical, food gets very, VERY crispy in the right conditions. Remember, it is allergen-free so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful Calamari.

Whole Milk: Milk helps hydrate the squid and mildly tenderises it, it also boosts the protein and fat, so when you fry the squid, it will stay nice and white.

Eggs: Eggs are a must in every kitchen; they come in handy and cost nothing. The egg's albumen and fat will give you an excellent coating for the Alpha Coater. 

What You Will Need

Alpha Coateras needed
Whole Egg2
Parsleyas needed
Liquid Oilas needed


1 - Unless you have prepared calamari rings, start by cutting the cleaned tubes into ¾-1 inch thick rings.

2 - Add the milk and egg to a bowl and stir well; add the squid rings and 50g of Alpha Coater and refrigerate until needed.

Pro-Tip: If you can refrigerate overnight, you will see optimum results.

3 - When ready to fry, toss your portion of rings through the Alpha Coater.

Tip: Repeat dredging for an extra crisp coating.

4 - Fry at 175°C until crisp and golden.

5 - Finish by tossing through freshly chopped parsley, season with sea salt, and serve with a fat wedge of lemon.

PROfit Maker: Why not treat your customers by pairing it with our Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise or our Perfect Tartar Sauce.