Crumb Chronicles: A Practical Guide to Breadcrumbs

Crumb Chronicles: A Practical Guide to Breadcrumbs

Posted by Stelios on 1st Aug 2023

Choosing the correct type of breadcrumb for your business might be a challenge. Breadcrumbs offer a wide variety of options, and to make the selection process easier, we've categorised them into the following:

Natural Fine Breadcrumb: This breadcrumb might be disregarded due to its light appearance, but its pale colour makes it an appealing choice. Ideal for deep frying; it doesn't brown too quickly. If the fishcake core is colder or frozen, this breadcrumb can adapt but may darken for fishcakes or larger pieces of fish. Its uniform texture might make it appear less homemade.

Golden Fine Breadcrumb: Popular among takeaways, golden breadcrumbs require attention to detail because if you take your eye off the ball, they can burn. Ensure the core is uniformly thick – no more than 1cm – and cook at a reduced temperature. Despite their consistency, they may appear over-processed due to their orange colouring, lacking the rustic look that some prefer.

Toasted Fresh Bread: With a food processor, you can utilise fresh bread, either your own or discounted from the store. If it's not stale, toast or bake it to dry it out. Dry bread creates a crisper coating, though it might be perishable and inconsistent, requiring a sharp processor blade.

Untoasted Fresh Bread: While convenient, this option can present difficulties. The blades might need help with soft bread's sticky nature, creating lumpier crumbs. It produces a more rustic but challenging coating that feels damp and greasier when fried, similar to breakfast fried bread.

Rustic Breadcrumb: Specially designed to enhance the appearance and texture of fish and fishcakes, rustic breadcrumb offers a beautiful finish tailored for homemade fishcakes, compatibility with frying dense products, suitability for various pane recipes, and an attractive natural colour and perfect crunch. You can also use them to top gratins and fish pies for an extra crunch to delight your customers.

Panko: Currently trendy in the UK, Panko is limited in its applicability. It's suitable for small items like prawns or croquettes, as anything larger might become dark, brittle, and bitter when cooked too long. If using Panko, stick to these smaller low-water content items.


  • Cook fishcakes gently to prevent the breadcrumb from burning and hardening, leading to undercooked interiors.
  • Avoid pre-bread crumbing too far ahead, as moisture absorption may make cooking difficult without darkening the crumbs.
  • For a gluten-free option, explore the 'free from' section in stores. Consider buying in bulk or on sale and freezing what's not needed, defrosting and following the steps for fresh bread as required.