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​Deliveroo's Value Programme

​Deliveroo's Value Programme

Posted by Emma on 5th Jan 2024

Deliveroo is taking steps to enhance the experience for its app users by introducing a new initiative that focuses on fair pricing. The company aims to make it easier for customers to identify merchants who charge reasonable prices on the platform instead of those with significant markups or poor value.

According to Deliveroo UK's Chief Business Officer, Carlo Mocci, the initiative will direct customers towards restaurants that offer better value for their money. The app will clearly indicate when a merchant's pricing is not competitive. Initially, this program will be implemented for takeaway restaurants, possibly expanding to supermarkets and convenience stores later.

Mocci emphasised that many partners on the platform already provide products at the same price as their physical stores or even lower. Deliveroo has designed this program to give these partners more visibility on the platform, promoting fairness for all stakeholders.


Deliveroo will compare on-app prices with in-store prices and consider customer-supplied ratings of perceived value to assess merchants. Mocci stressed that the value ranking is based on rigorous statistical analysis and cannot be influenced through financial means.

This move reflects Deliveroo's commitment to improving its perceived value among consumers, which has declined over the past two years, as reported by YouGov's BrandIndex. Research by Which? also revealed that ordering groceries and takeaways via delivery apps can be more expensive than purchasing directly from stores or restaurants.

Deliveroo has previously invested £20 million in a summer savings campaign and worked with supermarkets to match app-listed product prices with in-store rates. The company has also introduced more promotional tools for restaurants and stores on its platform.

Deliveroo CEO Will Shu explained that this policy aligns with the interests of restaurants, the platform, and consumers. It ensures that merchants offering poor value are not prominently featured on the platform based on data-driven decision-making.

Deliveroo encourages businesses to participate in the Value Programme and welcomes their feedback to improve the program further. Leave your thoughts and comments below to join the conversation.