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​Election Spotlight: The Rising Importance of Food and Farming

​Election Spotlight: The Rising Importance of Food and Farming

Posted by Emily on 12th Dec 2023

According to recent NFU research, food and farming emerge as critical concerns for the electorate as the following general election approaches. The NFU has released a manifesto calling for enhanced support for British food and farming, emphasising the need for food production targets.

a dozen sheep grazing

The manifesto highlights a significant public demand for prioritising food security alongside environmental goals, advocating for similar target-driven policies in food production. NFU's survey reveals a compelling interest among voters for increased domestic food production, with 84% considering it as or more vital than environmental goals in farming.

Moreover, a substantial portion of voters (82%) support government-set targets to boost British food production, showcasing the sector's influence on electoral decisions. NFU President Minette Batters stresses the importance of developing policies focusing on food production, citing the public's high regard for the efforts of British farmers and growers.

Batters highlights the current pressures on food production, including record costs and significant policy changes. She emphasises the need for supportive policies that prioritise food security, arguing against reliance on food imports, a previously proven inadequate strategy.

In conclusion, the NFU's manifesto and survey underscore the public's strong stance on domestic food production and its influence on voting preferences. As election day nears, the importance of food and farming in political discourse is undeniable, and it's clear that voters are calling for decisive action in this sector.

We welcome your insights and opinions on this topic. How should food and farming issues be addressed in the upcoming election? Share your thoughts in the comments below.