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​Episode 136 - Reading The News with Mark Petrou

​Episode 136 - Reading The News with Mark Petrou

Posted by Emily on 24th Dec 2023

In this episode of the Ceres Podcast, Stelios discusses the hospitality news with previous Seafish Fish & Chip Shop of the Year Winner Mark Petrou from Petrou Brothers in Chatteris.

They discuss the following topics:

Navigating the Fine Line Between Workplace Banter and Bullying

The article "Navigating the Fine Line Between Workplace Banter and Bullying" addresses the subtle line between casual jokes and workplace bullying, particularly in the hospitality sector. It references a study by Irwin Mitchell showing that 39% of workers in this sector experienced bullying disguised as banter. The Equality Act 2010 is mentioned as a legal safeguard against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, covering various protected characteristics. The article emphasises that the intent behind a joke is less important than its impact on the recipient.

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The KFC Controversy: Navigating Health Policies and Business Interests

The article "The KFC Controversy: Navigating Health Policies and Business Interests" delves into the conflict between local councils in England and Wales and KFC over establishing fast-food outlets near schools. The councils aim to combat childhood obesity by restricting these outlets, while KFC argues against these restrictions, claiming they are unscientific and unlawful. The debate highlights the tension between public health objectives and corporate rights, with KFC successfully challenging over 43 councils since 2017, often leading to the dilution of anti-obesity policies.

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Scottish Pubs Shutting Down Twice as Fast as in England

The pub and bar industry in Scotland is experiencing a significant crisis, with a much higher rate of closures than in England. The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) and Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) report that 76 pubs closed in Scotland between Q1 and Q3 of this year, which is a sharp increase from the previous year and represents a closure rate of 1.7%, double that of England's 0.75%. These associations are urging the Scottish Government for financial support, similar to the 75% rate relief given to English businesses. Scottish pubs are struggling with debts from the COVID-19 pandemic, rising energy costs, supply chain issues, and the upcoming minimum wage increase.

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Australia's Seafood Scene Gets a Transparency Boost with Mandatory Origin Labelling

The Australian Government has introduced mandatory country of origin labelling for seafood in hospitality venues, a significant change from previous regulations. This decision, which follows a $1.6 million government commitment to expand labelling laws, requires restaurants and takeaways to indicate whether their seafood is Australian (A), imported (I), or of mixed origin (M). The implementation date is yet to be confirmed, but businesses will be given a transition period to adapt. This move, long advocated for by industry groups like Seafood Industry Australia, aims to provide consumers with clear information about the seafood they consume.

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