​Episode #154 - From University to Young Fish Fryer Winner: Lauren Kellaway's Journey

​Episode #154 - From University to Young Fish Fryer Winner: Lauren Kellaway's Journey

Posted by Emily on 3rd May 2024

In this episode of the Ceres Podcast, Kelly Barnes kicks off her first stint as host by welcoming Lauren Kellaway from Kellaways Fish & Chips in Truro. The conversation starts with Lauren's academic background, where she studied at university before joining the family business - a path she hadn't initially planned on taking. Lauren shares insights into her family's long-standing involvement in the industry and her entry into the trade.

Lauren delves into the unique challenges of running a business in Truro, a place where the seasons dictate the flow of customers. She also reflects on her experience as a female participant and the subsequent Young Fish Fryer Award winner in 2019. Despite being her first attempt, this recognition proved to be a game-changer for Lauren. The intense competition raised her profile and brought significant benefits to her business.

The conversation then turns to the fish and chip industry, a sector with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Lauren shares her perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and business operations. She also highlights the importance of seeking guidance, mentioning her experience working with a coach to navigate these difficulties.

Family dynamics in business, particularly the balance of work and personal life are key topics of discussion. Lauren discusses the challenges of working with family and how they separate business from personal time. She also addresses the challenges of maintaining good profit margins amidst fluctuating prices and the difficulties in recruiting and motivating a small team in a relatively small city.

Finally, Lauren contemplates the future, expressing interest in possibly expanding her business while balancing her personal, social, and business lives. The podcast touches on the unique challenges women face in business, with Lauren providing her perspective on what it takes to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry.