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Episode 163: Demetri Lawton Discusses the Fish & Chips on the Ceres Podcast

Episode 163: Demetri Lawton Discusses the Fish & Chips on the Ceres Podcast

Posted by Emily on 27th May 2024

The host welcomes Demetri Lawton in this episode, marking his first appearance on the Ceres Podcast. The conversation begins with reflecting on their previous interactions and meetings, including a memorable encounter at a child's birthday party and a recent meet-up at Birds Bakery in Wollaton.

Demetri shares his journey from Stafford to Cyprus, detailing a significant episode involving an exit visa and a pivotal meeting in Michael's boardroom. He also recounts the arrival of McDonald's in Larnaca in 1997, his subsequent tenure there, and the skills and insights he gained working under a master franchisee, particularly in systematisation.

The discussion then shifts to Demetri's return to the UK, his decision to settle in Nottingham, and his current business at the Ruddington Fish Bar. He talks about the complexities of the menu and the competitive challenges of operating in Nottingham. Demetri outlines the key factors he believes are essential for a successful fish & chip shop and his reluctance to expand into multiple units or participate in industry awards.

Post-COVID changes in his business are examined, especially how to handle price increases and evolving customer expectations. The conversation touches on embracing technology and staying informed about industry trends to remain competitive.

Finally, Demetri provides his perspective on the current state of the fish & chip industry, noting which entities are excelling or failing, and discusses his interactions with food delivery aggregators.

This episode offers an in-depth look at Demetri Lawton's personal and professional life. It is filled with insights into the food industry and the challenges of running a traditional British fish and chip shop.