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​Finalists Announced for the NFFF Marketing & Innovation Award 2024

​Finalists Announced for the NFFF Marketing & Innovation Award 2024

Posted by Emily on 16th Jan 2024

The National Fish and Chip Awards have officially named three outstanding fish and chips shops as finalists for the esteemed Marketing & Innovation Award. These businesses have notably distinguished themselves by launching captivating marketing campaigns that have effectively drawn in customers.

Representing the regions of Stirlingshire, South Glamorgan, and Powys, these finalists impressed a panel of industry experts with their innovative and sales-enhancing strategies. These strategies attracted repeat business and highlighted the shop's commitment to the beloved takeaway dish.

The competition involved a written submission, where entrants detailed their marketing initiatives from the past year. The evaluation by a panel of industry specialists focused on the execution quality, innovation, impact, and adherence to GDPR of these campaigns. The rigorous assessment criteria underscore the award's emphasis on encouraging higher operational standards, exceptional customer service, and the delivery of top-quality food.

The finalists, who have excelled in captivating their customers with their marketing ingenuity, are:

  • The Real Food Café, Tyndrum
  • Zero Plus, Cardiff
  • Hennighan's, Machynlleth

These finalists will attend the award ceremony on 28 February at the Park Plaza Westminster, where the winner will be announced. The event, a highlight in the fish frying industry, still has limited tickets available.

Andrew Crook, president of the National Federation of Fish Friers and organiser of the awards, praised the finalists, saying, "In a diverse food landscape, chip shops must stand out to garner repeat business. The finalists have shown incredible collaborative and creative spirit, embodying what makes the chip shop industry unique."

Echoing this sentiment, Sean Savage, the Sales & Marketing Director at T.Quality, congratulated the finalists, remarking on their creativity and dedication. He emphasised the importance of innovative marketing in driving business growth and customer engagement in the fish and chips sector. T.Quality is a food service company committed to supporting and celebrating such excellence, as it aligns with its mission title, innovation in the food industry.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts and comments below on these inspiring marketing initiatives in the fish and chip sector.