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Fritto Misto

Fritto Misto

Posted by Nick on 4th Mar 2023

Every culture does fried food, but Italians do it exceptionally well.

In Italy, Fritto Misto is nearly always served as a first course and is especially lovely in bite-size pieces. We recommend using our Ceres Alpha Coating here because it really shines and allows the freshness of the seafood and fish to come through.

Fritto Misto is a great summer menu choice, restaurant or takeaway. I couldn’t think of anything better than sitting in the garden with Fritto Misto and a glass of wine; I think your customers might feel the same.

Sprinkle it with salt immediately after frying, and try serving with delicious Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise or Calabrian Chilli Mayonnaise, topped with a bundle of fresh lemon wedges.


Seafood & Fish Selection2kg
Whole Milk100ml
Alpha Coater
as needed
Chopped Fresh Parsleyas needed
Lemonas needed
Liquid Oilas needed


1 - Talk to your fish supplier and ask what fish and seafood they have that is exceptionally fresh and in season. You can use diced cod, haddock (skin-on), shell-off prawns, red mullet, scallops, squid, mussels and white bait.

Tip: If you haven't got a great source of fresh seafood, don't be afraid to use frozen seafood.

Whisk the egg and milk together in a bowl.

2 - Add your selection of fish to the milk & egg mixture, add 50g of Alpha Coater and refrigerate until ready for use.

3 - When ready to fry, add your fish selection to the Alpha Coater and dredge.

4 - Fry at 175c until crisp and golden.

5 - Once fried, sprinkle with sea salt and finely chopped fresh parsley and serve with a fat wedge of lemon.

Tip: Avoid solid fats when frying Fritto Misto as you want the oil to drain off fast and not leave any residue on the Fritto Misto when it cools.