​Gordon Ramsay's Bold New Chapter

​Gordon Ramsay's Bold New Chapter

Posted by Emma on 11th May 2024

Gordon Ramsay is boldly moving with the launch of the UK's highest restaurant at 22 Bishopsgate, London. This ambitious endeavour comes when his restaurant empire is experiencing a challenging financial period, with losses tripling to £3.4 million last year. Despite this, Ramsay's sales surged 21% to £95.6 million, nearing the £100 million milestone. This growth was fuelled by the opening five new restaurants and a significant recruitment drive that added 290 employees to his team.

Ramsay's latest venture, nestled in London's towering skyscraper, is not just a restaurant but a culinary wonderland. It houses an Asian-inspired Lucky Cat restaurant, a Bread Street Kitchen, and the prestigious Gordon Ramsay Academy. The venue also offers a 14-seat chef's table, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an exclusive dining experience. Axa IM Alts, the project's developer, envisions the site as a 'vertical village,' complete with a well-being retreat, spa, and a vast commuter park and cycle hub catering to the needs of modern urbanites.

Despite the recent financial setbacks, including £4.9 million in one-time pre-opening costs, Ramsay remains undeterred and optimistic about the future of the dining industry. 'It's been a really hard-fought year, but at the same time an exciting year,' he shared. He underlined the enduring passion for dining out, reaffirming that the public's desire to 'break bread and have a good time together' remains unwavering.

This new development at 22 Bishopsgate represents more than just an expansion—it's a significant evolution of Ramsay's business. "This is more than just a new opening – it's a significant milestone for our business," Ramsay said.

We value your perspective on Gordon Ramsay's latest venture. Do you view his investment in 22 Bishopsgate as groundbreaking or a gamble in today's fluctuating economic climate? We invite you to leave your comments below and be part of the conversation.