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​Harris + Hoole Shutting Down Tesco Locations

​Harris + Hoole Shutting Down Tesco Locations

Posted by Emma on 21st Dec 2023

Harris + Hoole is set to close several branches within Tesco stores. This significant change will occur over the coming weeks and months, affecting more than 25 locations.

Harris & Hoole coffee shop Southgate Philafrenzy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Owned by Caffè Nero, Harris + Hoole has confirmed the impending end of its contract with Tesco, signalling the closure of any remaining branches in Tesco supermarkets. This move marks a strategic transition for the coffee chain.

A spokesperson for Harris + Hoole commented, " Harris + Hoole has a strong store opening and growth plan for 2023 and beyond, focused on standalone stores in locations which best appeal to our target customer market. Following the conclusion of our existing agreement with Tesco, both parties have decided to pursue separate strategies. The first of our new stores has already opened, with several more in the pipeline. We're grateful for our partnership with Tesco and wish them well for the future."

The following locations are among those set to close in the upcoming months: Aylesbury, Ashford, Addlestone, Broadstairs, Brooklands, Bar Hill, Buckingham, Burgess Hill, Colchester, Chichester, Cheshunt, Guildford, Havant, Hemel, Hatfield, Horley, Horsham, Huntingdon, Kensington, New Malden, Romford, Tooley Street, Shoreham, Southend, Sunbury, and Watford.

Harris + Hoole operates approximately 15 standalone stores in the UK, with ambitious plans for continued expansion. This development aligns with the trend of retail transformations seen across the country, including the recent announcement by Costa Coffee about the closure of their Bruntsfield Place branch in Edinburgh in February 2024 amidst plans to open more UK branches.

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