HennyPenny Pressure Fryer Cleaning with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner

HennyPenny Pressure Fryer Cleaning with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner

Posted by Stelios on 1st Aug 2023

When it comes to keeping your Henny Penny fryer in optimal condition, there's a secret weapon: Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.

Why Use Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner?

1. Eliminates Stubborn Buildup: Crafted as a potent, non-caustic solution, it takes care of carbon buildup, polymerisation, and grease in all types of fryers.

2. Exceptional Cleaning Performance: Achieve spotless cleaning that enhances efficiency and simplifies the entire process.

3. Cost-Effective: With Ceres, you get superior cleaning and an efficient way to manage costs and Free Shipping.

4. Enhances Fryer and Oil Life: Regular usage helps to increase both the life of your fryers and the oil within them.

5. Speeds Up Recovery Time: Improve the recovery time of your fryer and ensure it's ready when you need it.

6. Removes Carbon: Bid farewell to carbon that can compromise the taste and quality of your food.

Cleaning Your Henny Penny Fryers

Henny Penny pressure fryers are a favourite in the food service industry, perfect for fried chicken, wings, ribs, and more. A proper cleaning and maintenance routine is crucial to ensure they continue running smoothly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning a Henny Penny Fryer:

1. Pre-Cleaning Procedures

- Turn off and unplug the unit.

- Wait for the oil to cool before starting the cleanup.

- Position the filter drain properly to prevent oil splashes.

2. Draining Methods (model-specific):

- 500, 561, and 600 Pressure Fryers: Gradually open the drain valve handle.

- 591 and 592 Pressure Fryers: Gently pull the handle out.

- OFE/OFG/OEA/OGA-341, 342 Open Fryers: Slowly open the drain valve handle.

- All Models: Clean and reinstall the drain pan once the oil is discarded.

3. Preparing the Cleaning Solution:

- 500, 561, 600 Pressure Fryers: Add hot water and 500g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.

- 591 and 592 Pressure Fryers: Add hot water and 500g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.

- OFE/OFG/OEA/OGA-341, 342 Open Fryers: Mix 500g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner in hot water.

4. Specific Clean-Out Instructions (model-specific):

- Follow the instructions provided for your specific fryer model to ensure proper cleaning and avoid boiling over or obstructions.

- Avoid using steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or water jet pressure sprayers.

5. Final Cleaning Steps:

- After the clean-out mode is complete, allow the solution to stand for 15-20 minutes.

- Use a clean fryer brush to scrub the interior thoroughly, including the lid frame and surrounding areas.

- Rinse with fresh water and dry all parts thoroughly.

- Replace the clean filter screen assembly, cover, and reinstall the drain pan.

By incorporating Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner into your cleaning routine, you'll enhance the appearance and functionality of your Henny Penny fryer and contribute to its longevity. Follow this guide to ensure your fryer remains in tip-top condition, ready to whip up culinary delights!