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​HMRC's Intensified Focus on Electronic Till Fraud

​HMRC's Intensified Focus on Electronic Till Fraud

Posted by Emma on 14th Dec 2023

UK businesses are under intense scrutiny by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), primarily targeting a sophisticated form of tax evasion: Electronic Sales Suppression (ESS). Over 20 restaurants and takeaways across the UK, including those in Edinburgh, London, St Helens, and Stoke, have recently experienced unannounced raids. This action signifies HMRC's determined effort to clamp down on tax fraud.

female hospitality staff member using till

ESS tools, whether hardware or cloud-based software, manipulate electronic point-of-sale records. They enable businesses to underreport their sales, thereby evading the tax owed. These tools are not just limited to the food sector. Still, they can be utilised by various businesses to distort financial transactions.

With insights from international law firm Pinsent Masons, HMRC's Fraud Investigation Service has already initiated 24 raids and several criminal investigations. These movements follow the closure of an amnesty period earlier this year, which allowed businesses using ESS to come forward without facing criminal charges. According to Sophie Warren, an expert in the field, "Businesses that missed this opportunity are now facing severe financial penalties, potentially up to £50,000, or even prison sentences."


HMRC's director of individuals and small business compliance, Marc Gill, warns, "ESS tools might give businesses the appearance of legitimacy, but they are essentially tools for stealing tax revenue." He further clarifies the gravity of using, supplying, making, or promoting ESS tools.

To uncover ESS usage, HMRC is harnessing sophisticated detection methods. They analyse third-party information, including transactional data from online food ordering platforms and bank accounts, comparing them against declared earnings.

HMRC's current focus isn't confined to the food sector. As Warren points out, "All businesses susceptible to ESS exploitation are under HMRC's radar, with more investigations on the horizon."

male hospitality staff member using till

Warren advises businesses considering making disclosures to HMRC to seek professional advice. This ensures they are well-prepared to limit the penalties they face potentially.

This intensified crackdown by HMRC serves as a stern reminder to all UK businesses about the importance of compliance and transparency in financial dealings. The consequences of deviating from legal practices are becoming increasingly significant.

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