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​How to Upgrade Your Potato Peeling and Chipping Process

​How to Upgrade Your Potato Peeling and Chipping Process

Posted by Emma on 27th Jun 2024

Are you ready to enhance your potato peeling and chipping efficiency but unsure about using chipping baskets? Our guide will help you save money on water, reduce costs on chip preparation formula, and streamline your processes.

Our food-grade chipping baskets, available in orange and blue, are made from durable, injection-moulded HDPE. These baskets are ideal for efficiently preparing and de-starching chips while conserving water. Their sturdy, lightweight construction and high-durability nylon handles are essential for any fish & chip shop.

How to Use Chipping Baskets

There are several methods for preparing chips, but here we will focus on the most popular:

Standard Dosage Method (Recommended)

This is the most widely used and recommended technique for chip preparation.

Dosage Soak Time
1g/Litre 15 Minutes

1. Place your Orange or Blue Chip Basket under the chipper output.

2. Chip into the Chip Basket. Once full, lift and drop it into a barrel of clean water.

3. Agitate the basket using the handles several times to remove excess starch, which will settle at the bottom of the barrel.

4. Mix 10g of Chip Preparation Formula with 10 litres of cold water in a ten-litre bucket. Pour this solution into the barrel and repeat until the barrel is full.

5. Place the chips into the solution barrel, soak for 15 minutes, then lift and drain.

6. Allow the chips to dry.

7. For optimal results, store the prepared chips in cool, dry conditions to keep them dry, white, and ready to fry.

8. At the end of the shift, cover the chip barrel and store it in a cool, dry room. Alternatively, place a few dry chips in a bag, press out the air, tie the bag, and store it in the fridge.

Higher Concentration Method

For a faster soak time, follow the above process using the following dosage:

Dosage Soak Time
5g/Litre 90 Seconds

Additional Tips

Cleaning and Maintenance:Wash down your potato room with Ceres Natural Degreaser. It effectively breaks down starches and neutralizes them, preventing drain blockages and keeping your barrels and chipping baskets in excellent condition.

Extra Benefit: The Natural Degreaser can also neutralize the Chip Potato Preparation formula, freshening the room after processing.

Following this guide will ensure efficient chip preparation, reduce costs, and maintain a clean and well-functioning preparation area.