​Ingredient Glossary: Aduki Bean

​Ingredient Glossary: Aduki Bean

Posted by Emily on 1st Dec 2019

What Are Aduki Beans?

The Aduki Bean is a tiny, reddish-brown bean with a cream-coloured seam and sweet, nutty flavour. It is particularly popular in Asian cooking, often used for sweet dishes, including soups and desserts and as a dim sum filling. Aduki beans are regarded as the king of beans in Japan and are prized for their health-giving properties, reputedly benefitting the liver and the kidneys. In Japan and China, Aduki beans are often cooked, puréed and mixed with sugar to make a chocolatey paste used to fill cakes and desserts.

Aduki Beans

What Makes Them So Healthy?

In Japan, the Adzuki bean is regarded as the king of beans. Prized for their health-giving properties, they are said to be beneficial to the liver and kidneys.

How to Prepare Aduki Beans

Soak beans overnight in water. Drain and simmer in water for an hour. Alternatively, pressure cook the soaked beans in 2 cups water for 5-9 mins at high pressure. If you don't have time to soak the beans, pressure cook for 15-20 mins. If you are making a dish and want to retain the bean's colour, shape and aroma, do not soak before cooking.

How to Cook Aduki Beans

Ground in flour for use in cakes, bread and pastries; in casseroles and bakes; with rice or sprouted in salads and stir-fries.

How to Store Aduki Beans

In a sealed container in a cool, dark environment.

Alternatives to Aduki Beans

Try Black-Eyed Bean, Borlotti Bean or Haricot Bean.