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Ingredient Glossary: Damson

Ingredient Glossary: Damson

Posted by Emily on 1st Dec 2019

A petite fruit featuring a vivid, dark blue hue, damsons resemble plums and belong to the rose family. They possess a substantial stone and are frequently juicy, although they are seldom consumed raw due to the tart nature of their flesh.


Rich and sharp, British damsons have a relatively brief season and are highly favoured by jam-makers. However, the fruit cultivated for us in Herefordshire by brothers Jake and Rupert Simpson is not confined to the jam jar; these deep purple fruits are also ideal for crafting sumptuous pies, crumbles, and cobblers, as well as lending a fruity kick to a creamy semifreddo.


A fruit of the autumnal months, damsons are at their peak in September.

Selecting the Best

Opt for juicy fruits with robust flesh.


Wash thoroughly to create a jam or a damson fool; you may need to remove the stones.


Store like plums. Refrigerate and utilise within a few days.


Damsons are better suited for cooking than raw consumption and excel in making jams and jellies. They are also commonly employed in desserts such as pies, tarts, fools, and slumps. Additionally, they can feature in savoury dishes like lamb or pork casseroles.

Damson Jam

Alternative Options

Consider plums as a substitute.