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​Investor Confidence Skyrockets in Scottish Hotels

​Investor Confidence Skyrockets in Scottish Hotels

Posted by Emily on 13th Feb 2024

The allure of Scottish hotels continues to captivate investors, with sales volumes almost doubling in the past year, showcasing the sector's resilience amid economic challenges. A notable highlight of this surge was the significant transaction involving Edinburgh's iconic Waldorf Astoria, also known as The Caley Hotel, which accounted for a substantial portion of the £310 million total sales in 2023. This figure marks a 98% increase from last year's £156 million, positioning Scotland as a critical player in the UK hotel market with approximately 14% of all transactions.

Savills, a leading property agency, reported 31 hotel transactions over the year, with the landmark sale of The Caley Hotel to Henderson Park and Klarent Hospitality for £85 million being a standout. Other significant deals included the sale of Mar Hall in Renfrewshire and strong interest from both UK and international investors, indicating a diverse and optimistic investment landscape.

The sector's outlook for 2024 remains positive, with Savills highlighting several sale processes already in motion and several high-profile hotel openings. Edinburgh is set to maintain its status as the premier hotel market outside London, buoyed by significant events and new developments that promise to attract visitors.

Steven Fyfe of Savills Scotland commented on the sector's resilience and the promising start to 2024, underscoring the Scottish hotel market's potential for continued growth. With Edinburgh leading the way in hotel development and Glasgow making significant strides, the Scottish hotel sector is poised for further success.

Last summer's acquisition of the Caledonian Waldorf Astoria underscored the market's strength and the end of the year saw another significant investment with Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund purchasing a stake in Sir Rocco Forte's luxury hotels group. These transactions reflect Scotland's hotel industry's enduring appeal and potential for growth.

We invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives on the Scottish hotel market's remarkable growth and resilience. What do you think drives this enduring appeal? Leave your comments below and join the discussion.