​London Fire Brigade Issues Warning Following Restaurant Fire

​London Fire Brigade Issues Warning Following Restaurant Fire

Posted by Emma on 22nd Apr 2024

London Fire Brigade has issued a stark reminder to restaurant owners following a fire outbreak in Petts Wood, London, on Sunday evening. The incident, which required the response of ten fire engines and 70 firefighters, occurred at a restaurant on Queensway with residential units above it.

Fortunately, approximately 15 individuals evacuated the premises safely before the firefighters' arrival. Despite the intensity of the blaze, no injuries requiring hospital treatment were reported. However, significant damage was sustained, particularly to the ducting connecting the ground floor to the first floor and portions of the kitchen and a first-floor flat.

Station commander Simon Chalk, present at the scene, commended the firefighters' efforts in swiftly containing and extinguishing the fire. Investigations suggest that the fire originated from grease and fat deposits within the extraction system, likely triggered by using a charcoal barbeque in the kitchen.

The incident underscores the importance of regular maintenance of extraction ducting in commercial kitchens. A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade emphasised the necessity for restaurant and takeaway proprietors to prioritise cleanliness in their extraction systems, as neglected ducting significantly heightens the risk of fires. Additionally, vigilance in keeping kitchen appliances free of fat and grease buildup is crucial to prevent potential ignition.

Firefighters offer the following recommendations to restaurant and takeaway establishments:

  1. Regularly clean ducting in extraction systems.
  2. Ensure proper installation of ducting.
  3. Adhere to appropriate filling levels for fryers.
  4. Regularly test electrical systems.
  5. Conduct comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments and establish emergency protocols.

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