​McDonald's Israel Goodwill Gesture Sparks International Debate

​McDonald's Israel Goodwill Gesture Sparks International Debate

Posted by Emily on 2nd Nov 2023

A gesture of goodwill has become a flashpoint for controversy among McDonald's franchisees in the Middle East and Asia following the brand's Israeli branch's decision to donate meals to Israeli hospitals and military units.

Kosher McDonalds I, סוצאנג, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In a display of solidarity, McDonald's Israel chose to support their armed forces by offering complimentary food after an unexpected assault by Hamas militants on the 7th of October.

This act of corporate citizenship took a stark turn as the death toll rose in the ensuing conflict, with the Gaza Health Ministry, run by Hamas, reporting 8,805 Palestinian fatalities as of last Thursday. In contrast, the number of lives lost in Israel stood at 1,400, predominantly civilians caught in the hostilities of the same day, with an additional 130 Palestinians perishing amid the upheaval and Israeli operations in the West Bank, as per the Associated Press.

The move by McDonald's Israel declared via an Instagram post on the 13th of October was to "donate thousands of meals daily to soldiers in the field and in drafting areas," which ignited a torrent of criticism and calls for boycotts across social media platforms.

In a spirited response, McDonald's franchisees in predominantly Muslim nations within the region have vociferously distanced themselves from the actions of their Israeli counterpart, underlining the independence granted to franchise owners under McDonald's corporate structure.

Michael Seid, a seasoned consultant at MSA Worldwide, underscored this autonomy, noting that franchisees can engage in various activities, with McDonald's corporate having no sway over those choices.

Exemplifying this independence, the Maousherji Catering Company, custodians of McDonald's brand in Kuwait, expressed their unyielding solidarity with Palestine on Instagram, asserting their cultural and national identity while distancing themselves from the Israeli franchise's actions.

Largest mcdonalds in the middle east

Jurta 543, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Reinforcing this stance, McDonald's Pakistan and McDonald's Saudi Arabia each issued statements underlining their non-affiliation with the Israeli operations, with the latter pledging a generous $100,000 to relief efforts in Gaza.

Seid contextualised the situation, drawing parallels to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, where franchisees had similarly provided support to first responders. He emphasised the nature of franchisees as independent business owners who respond to social issues in their ways, a practice that is far from unprecedented within the franchising community.

In a surprising turn, the Times of Israel reported that a pro-Palestine activist had released dozens of mice in a McDonald's in England, marking a dramatic escalation in the global responses to the franchise's actions in Israel.

Seid remains optimistic that these divergent positions held by McDonald's outlets in the Middle East will not bear long-term repercussions for the brand, suggesting the resilience of the franchise model even amidst geopolitical tensions.