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​McDonald's UK's Response to Rising Disruptions

​McDonald's UK's Response to Rising Disruptions

Posted by Emma on 25th Nov 2023

In recent months, several McDonald's locations in the UK have faced a significant challenge: addressing anti-social behaviour by teenagers. This has led to some drastic measures being implemented at various branches.

McDonalds meal in restaurant.

In the Scottish Highlands town of Fort William, McDonald's has imposed a ban on under-18s entering the store after 6pm. This decision came after staff at the branch were subjected to abuse by young customers. A spokesman for the branch stressed the difficulty of this decision, emphasising the need to protect the wellbeing of both staff and customers. Despite efforts to find alternatives, the branch felt compelled to impose this rule due to the actions of a few individuals. Local police are aware of these issues and are working on finding solutions for the community's youth.

Similarly, in Liverpool, a McDonald's branch has banned under-18s after 5 pm following instances of physical and verbal abuse towards staff. The spokesperson for this branch highlighted a zero-tolerance policy towards crime and anti-social behaviour. This decision, they said, wasn't made lightly, and efforts are ongoing to work with the police to reduce these incidents.


Moreover, pupils from Burgess Hill Academy in West Sussex have been barred from a local McDonald's due to anti-social behaviour. This decision was jointly made by McDonald's, Sussex Police, and the school. The University of Brighton Academies Trust, which oversees the school, has apologised for the inconvenience caused and stated that the actions of a single individual led to this decision. They emphasised that these actions do not reflect the academy's and its students' values and standards.

In a different approach, a McDonald's in Wrexham, Wales, has adopted unique measures like playing classical music and rationing wi-fi to deter bad behaviour. This was after the local police had to issue dispersal orders due to incidents involving groups of youngsters causing distress in the area.

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These actions by McDonald's branches highlight a growing concern over youth behaviour in public spaces and its impact on businesses and communities. The company's various approaches reflect an attempt to balance safety and customer service, albeit in a manner that has raised questions about fairness and effectiveness.

Do you think these measures are justified? What alternative solutions could be proposed? Is this a problem you have noticed too? Your opinions are valuable, and we encourage you to leave them in the comments section below.