​MPs Initiate Inquiry into Persistent Staff Shortages in Hospitality Sector

​MPs Initiate Inquiry into Persistent Staff Shortages in Hospitality Sector

Posted by Emily on 29th Apr 2024

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hospitality and Tourism has initiated an investigation into the persistent recruitment and retention challenges facing the hospitality industry. The inquiry will investigate the reasons behind the industry's substantial vacancy rates and develop recommendations for governmental action.

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the hospitality sector has consistently reported over 100,000 unfilled positions, exacerbated by the post-Brexit exodus of many workers. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows 112,000 vacant hospitality jobs at the end of 2023, a significant increase from the 89,000 pre-pandemic vacancies.

The inquiry calls on businesses to share insights on the hurdles they encounter in recruiting staff, the effects of zero-hour contracts on employees, and the repercussions of government policies that promote hiring UK-born workers. The APPG, which includes MPs Simon Jupp, Alex Sobel, Giles Watling, and Steve Double, with UKHospitality serving as the secretariat, is eager to gather various perspectives.

Simon Jupp remarked, "Staffing issues have been a recurrent concern among businesses, adversely affecting their operations. The APPG must address this and ensure the workforce continues to enhance the customer experience in this vital sector."

The inquiry is open for submissions until June 14. Contributions should not exceed 1,500 words and must be sent to policy@ukhospitality.org.uk.

We encourage industry stakeholders and the public to share their experiences and thoughts in the comments below to further enrich the discussion.