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​Paddy & Scott's Coffee: A New Chapter Under Management's Wing

​Paddy & Scott's Coffee: A New Chapter Under Management's Wing

Posted by Emily on 26th Jan 2024

In a significant move for the coffee industry, Paddy & Scott's Coffee, a renowned coffee wholesaler and café operator, has been acquired by its management team. The acquisition, led by CEO Jonathan Reed and Operations Director Zoe Hill, marks a new era for the Suffolk-based company. This development follows the departure of co-founder Scott Russell, with fellow founder Paddy Bishopp having left in 2016.

Since its inception in 2007, Paddy & Scott's has shown impressive growth, reporting a 28% annual increase. The company is also making strides in positively impacting coffee-growing communities globally.

The buyout, facilitated through significant funding, reflects the management's commitment to the company's ethos. In an interview with The Caterer, Reed highlighted the importance of keeping the company under the guidance of those intimately familiar with its operations and values. He said, "Any business experiencing good times is often the subject of interest from other parties... A few organisations wanted to acquire Paddy & Scott's, including a global PLC, but we concluded that the company is best for people who know it."


Both Reed and Hill have a long-standing association with Paddy & Scott's. Hill has a decade-long journey with the company, starting as a customer service assistant. At the same time, Reed joined six years ago, rising to CEO.

Russell, the departing co-founder, expressed his satisfaction with the buyout. He stated, "Paddy & Scott's is a Suffolk business focused on empowering coffee farmers and the wider community. I'm delighted the company will continue to be independently owned and operated by the management team."

Under this new ownership, the company is set to continue its mission of empowering coffee farmers. One of its notable goals is to provide one million school meals in coffee-growing regions. This target is steadily being approached, with nearly 100,000 meals already funded. The company also owns a coffee farm in Kenya and is committed to providing educational opportunities there.

In the UK, Paddy & Scott's is exploring innovative coffee farming methods, such as vertical farming. Reed emphasised the balance between supporting emerging countries and meeting global environmental and economic needs.

The company also plans to expand its coffee shop presence, adding to its three existing East Anglia locations, with a recent opening in Lichfield at the end of 2023.

As Paddy & Scott's Coffee embarks on this exciting new chapter, we invite our readers to share their thoughts and comments below.