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​Pepsi's New Era: A Global Rebrand for Tomorrow's Consumers

​Pepsi's New Era: A Global Rebrand for Tomorrow's Consumers

Posted by Emma on 17th Jan 2024

In an audacious move, Pepsi unveils its global rebrand, echoing the sentiment that it's 'unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi'. Initially introduced in the US last year, this new look is a strategic endeavour to captivate the younger demographic and revitalise the cola category.

Super Bowl 2015 Pepsi Football Display (16213104887) Mike Mozart from Funny YouTube, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As spring approaches, the UK market eagerly anticipates this fresh identity, characterised by a dynamic typeface, the distinctive Pepsi pulse, and a refreshed colour scheme. This rebranding spans Pepsi MAX (Pepsi Zero in the US), diet, regular, and flavoured colas, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

This transformation, marking Pepsi's 125th anniversary, signifies more than a visual update; it embodies the brand's bold essence. The overhaul, the first in 14 years, integrates seamlessly into physical and digital realms – from packaging and equipment to fashion and dining.

Central to the rebrand is Pepsi's commitment to flavour and refreshment. Kantar's research underscores the allure of taste in the cola category, with 70% of consumers citing it as their primary reason for indulgence.

Pepsi's Chief Marketing Officer Todd Kaplan asserts that the new visual system honours Pepsi's rich legacy and propels it into a digitally-centric future. The rebrand features key elements:

  1. A unified Pepsi globe and wordmark for versatile branding.
  2. An invigorating colour palette with electric blue and black, adding a contemporary twist.
  3. Pepsi Zero Sugar / Pepsi MAX is highlighted in black.
  4. An iconic can silhouette that symbolises accessibility and inclusivity.
  5. A bold, custom typeface reflecting Pepsi's confident ethos.
  6. The signature Pepsi pulse symbolises both the beverage's effervescence and Pepsi's deep-rooted connections to music and pop culture.

Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo's SVP and Chief Design Officer, emphasises the brand's evolution over 125 years, continually engaging with contemporary culture while respecting its heritage. The new design aims to bridge generations with Pepsi's storied past and a forward-looking vision.

In the UK, the rebrand will be accompanied by a comprehensive campaign across various media channels, aligning with Pepsi's 'Thirsty for More' ethos. This campaign celebrates non-conformists and fun-seekers, reinforcing the brand's role in fostering enjoyment.

Ben Parker of Britvic, Pepsi's distributor in Great Britain, highlights the strategic importance of the rebrand. The new visual identity pays homage to Pepsi's iconic status. It aims to attract younger consumers, capitalising on the UK's £6 billion cola market.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts on Pepsi's bold new direction. How do you see this rebrand impacting the brand's appeal and its position in the beverage industry? Please leave your comments below.