​Puff Pastry Mince Pie Squares

​Puff Pastry Mince Pie Squares

Posted by Emily on 6th Oct 2023

Kickstart the festive season with a delightful treat that's quick, easy, and full of holiday cheer. Our Puff Pastry Mince Pie Squares are ready in less than half an hour, and they're an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Why Choose This Recipe?

There's nothing more quintessentially Christmas than a mince pie, but we've put a modern twist on it. Instead of the traditional shortcrust, we use ready-rolled puff pastry to save time and make your festive preparations smoother. And instead of traditional mincemeat, we add a dash of clementine zest or orange zest if that's what you have. The result? A perfect balance of flaky pastry and fruity filling will surely delight your customers, staff or family.


  • Incredibly easy to make.
  • Ready in 30 minutes or less.
  • They are bursting with festive flavours, enhanced by clementine zest.
  • Ideal for creating a festive atmosphere, your customers will feel the Christmas spirit when they smell these baking.

What You Will Need

Ingredients Quantity
Mincemeat 1kg
Ready-rolled puff pastry 600g
Orange zest (or clementine zest) 3 oranges
Icing Sugar as needed
Egg, for glazing as needed


  1. Preheat the oven: Set your oven to 200°C.
  2. Prepare the trays: Line your baking trays with parchment paper.
  3. Cut the pastry: Unroll the ready-rolled pastry but keep it on its original paper. Cut it into 12 squares.
  4. Score circles: Use a 6 cm round chef's ring to mark a circle in the centre of each square lightly.
  5. Arrange the squares: Place the scored squares onto your lined baking trays.
  6. Prepare the filling: Stir the orange or clementine zest into the mincemeat.
  7. Add the mincemeat: Spoon two teaspoons of the zesty mincemeat into the circle on each pastry square.
  8. Glaze: Brush the edges of the pastry with beaten egg.
  9. Bake: Place in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until the pastry has puffed up and turned golden brown.
  10. Cool and decorate: Once out of the oven, let them cool for a few minutes before transferring them to a serving tray. Sprinkle each square with icing sugar through a fine sieve.

Serve warm or at room temperature.

Create More than Just a Meal

Fostering the festive spirit in your establishment isn't just smart business; it's an emotional and heartfelt endeavour. The holiday season epitomises values like warmth and generosity, presenting a singular opportunity to strengthen connections with your clientele. With mouth-watering offerings like these Puff Pastry Mince Pie Squares, you're not just serving food—you're crafting memories that will be cherished.

This holiday season, let's serve our customers with high-quality dishes and a sense of boundless generosity, establishing the foundations for lasting loyalty and goodwill.