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​Score Big with Your Customers: Promotions for Fish & Chip Shops During the UEFA Euro 2024

​Score Big with Your Customers: Promotions for Fish & Chip Shops During the UEFA Euro 2024

Posted by Emily on 10th Jun 2024

Football fever is sweeping the nation, and as a fish and chip shop owner, you have a golden opportunity to score big with your customers! The UEFA Euro 2024 championship is a time of excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

It's also the perfect occasion to attract more customers to your shop and boost your delivery orders. Here are some creative and engaging promotions that will keep your customers returning for more.

Discounts During Matches: Encourage fans to order while they watch with special prices during match hours. It's a win-win – they get superb food, and you get increased sales.

Goal Discounts: Offer a 5% discount for every goal scored by England.

Winning Team Bonus: Celebrate victories by offering special discounts the next day when England wins.

Family & Friends Packs: Larger combo meals at a discounted rate make it easy for groups to enjoy the game together.

Delivery Specials: Free or discounted delivery charges for group orders during match times make your shop the go-to choice for game night gatherings.

Predict & Win: On your social media pages, let customers predict match outcomes for a chance to win free meals.

Photo Contests: Encourage fans to post pictures of their match-day meals with a branded hashtag. Reward the best photos with discounts or free meals.

Tournament Pass: Introduce a special loyalty card that gets stamped with each order. Once filled, the customer earns a free meal or a significant discount.

Football-Themed Decor: Deck out your shop with football-themed decorations to immerse customers in the tournament spirit.

Local Pub Partnerships: Collaborate with local wet-led pubs to offer joint deals, such as discounts on food, when customers show a receipt from a partner pub or offer free delivery to the pub if the landlord is up for it.

Influencer Promotions: Work with local influencers to promote your promotions and create buzz around your shop.

Championship Platter: Offer a special platter available only during the tournament to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Pre-Order Discounts: Offer discounts for customers who pre-order their meals before the match starts.

Guaranteed Delivery: Ensure timely delivery just before the match begins to keep customers satisfied and stress-free.

Freebies with Purchase: Offer free football-themed items like mini footballs, keychains, or scarves with large orders.

Raffle Tickets: Include raffle tickets with each purchase for a chance to win bigger prizes, such as football jerseys or tickets to a local match.

These strategies are designed to attract more customers and benefit you, the shop owner. By carefully selecting your offers, you can significantly increase customer volume and engagement without sacrificing too much gross profit.

By implementing these clever and engaging offers, you'll create a memorable experience for your customers, foster loyalty, and drive up your sales volume, all while maintaining a healthy profit margin. So, get ready to kick off these promotions and watch your business thrive during this Euro football championship!