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​Sizzle, Not Fizzle: Unlock the Power of Regular Fryer Boil Outs

​Sizzle, Not Fizzle: Unlock the Power of Regular Fryer Boil Outs

Posted by Emily on 6th Sep 2023

Why Should You Prioritise a Boil Out?

We've all been there, haven't we? When you acquire something new, you vow to maintain it impeccably, only for your good intentions to slip away over time. It's not uncommon for people to treat their frying range similarly. You may be diligent about servicing your range and likely even giving your pans a cursory wipe with a blue roll. But can you assert that you routinely carry out a boil-out? Or have you ever done one at all? Chances are you haven't, mainly because it's an untidy task, it incurs downtime, and the pans function perfectly well. Or so it appears.

What Exactly is a Boil Out?

A boil-out is an intensive cleaning process for your frying pans, where a potent blend of a cleaning agent and heat tackle the stubborn grease, grime, and carbon that accumulate through continuous frying cycles. Until recently, the only available option was to use harsh caustic chemicals, effective in cleaning but detrimental to both the pans and human health.

That's why we introduced the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner. It's a mild powder formulation that only requires mixing with boiling water, then swiftly tackles the grime on your pans. It's free from caustic chemicals, making it safer for your staff and better for your pans.

The Advantages of Regular Boil Outs:

Enhanced Quality of Fried Food

Unaddressed carbon and polymerised fats on your pans can adversely affect the taste and aroma of your fried foods. A comprehensive boil-out can remedy this, resulting in better-quality fried goods. Many of our clients have reported that their customers immediately noticed a difference after just one boil-out. What changed? The batter? The fish? The chips? No, it was simply a clean pan.

Extended Oil Longevity

Cleaner pans result in clean, longer-lasting oil, ultimately saving you money by reducing the frequency of replacing your frying medium. Couple this with regular filtration, and you'll maintain excellent oil quality.

Improved Fryer Efficiency

You might not even be cognisant of it, but dirty pans can hinder the performance of your frying range. For instance, carbon deposits can obstruct temperature probes, causing inaccurate readings and inconsistent frying temperatures. A boil-out will ensure these probes are clean, contributing to more stable temperature regulation.

Reduced Utility Costs

With efficient use and cleaner probes, your fryer will recover heat faster and maintain consistent temperatures using less gas & electric.

Longer Equipment Life

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of any equipment. But the unique aspect of a boil-out is that it reveals the actual condition of your pans. With debris removed, you can identify issues like pitting or cracks before they escalate into a crisis.

Cleaner Extraction Systems

Customers who have consistently used our Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner have reported a noticeable improvement in their extraction systems' cleanliness during inspections. So, you're not just cleaning your pans but also extending the life of your extraction system.

Ask Yourself, Can You Afford to Neglect a Regular Boil Out Routine?