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​Summary: The Conservatives Manifesto for 2024

​Summary: The Conservatives Manifesto for 2024

Posted by Emma on 11th Jun 2024

The Conservative Party's 2024 manifesto outlines a detailed vision for the future of Britain, focusing on economic growth, tax cuts, family support, education, national security, and more. Here's a breakdown of the key points from their manifesto:

Economic Growth and Stability

Since inheriting a struggling economy in 2010, the Conservative Party claims to have made significant progress. They boast the third highest growth rate in the G7, creating four million jobs, tax cuts for working people and pensioners, and a reduction in the national deficit. Their plans include reducing borrowing and debt, supporting business investment, and transitioning to sustainable energy.

To maintain financial stability, the Conservatives plan to continue meeting fiscal rules, aiming for public sector net debt to fall and borrowing to be below 3% of GDP by the fifth year of the forecast. They emphasise that sustainable public finances are essential, noting that they could provide almost £400 billion of support during Covid and the energy crisis due to previous financial decisions.

Tax Cuts and Pension Protection

The Conservatives aim to lower taxes for workers by reducing employee National Insurance to 6% by April 2027, which would result in a total tax cut of £1,350 for the average worker earning £35,000. For the self-employed, they plan to abolish the primary rate of National Insurance entirely. Pensioners will benefit from the Triple Lock Plus, ensuring state pensions rise with the highest inflation, earnings, or 2.5%.

Supporting Families

The manifesto highlights several initiatives to support families, including 30 hours of free childcare a week from nine months old to school age and a reformed Child Benefit system where benefits are reduced only when household income exceeds £120,000.

Welfare and Employment

To encourage employment and fair welfare, the Conservatives propose reforms to the welfare system, aiming to get more people into work. They also plan to deliver 100,000 high-quality apprenticeships for young people.

Education and Opportunities for Youth

The manifesto introduces the Advanced British Standard for 16-19 education, combining academic and technical learning. They also plan mandatory National Service for school leavers, offering military or civic service placements.

National Security and Immigration

The Conservatives pledge to boost defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030 and introduce a legal cap on migration to reduce the number annually. They also aim to tackle illegal immigration by removing migrants to Rwanda and rewriting asylum treaties.

Healthcare and Social Care

The manifesto promises to increase NHS spending above inflation annually, recruit 92,000 more nurses and 28,000 more doctors, and modernise GP surgeries and community diagnostic centres.

Housing and Infrastructure

The Conservatives aim to deliver 1.6 million homes in England by the end of the next Parliament, focusing on brownfield sites and urban regeneration. They plan to invest £36 billion in local roads, rail, and buses, including £8.3 billion for pothole repairs.

Supporting Rural Communities

The manifesto includes commitments to protect agricultural land from solar farms, invest in food security, and enhance rural broadband coverage. They also plan to back farmers and fisheries with additional funding and support.

Environmental and Energy Policies

The Conservatives commit to an affordable transition to net zero by 2050. They plan to legislate annual licensing rounds for North Sea oil and gas production to ensure energy security and protect jobs.

Strengthening the United Kingdom

The party promises continued investment in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and aims to protect the UK's internal market and national integrity.

Overall, the Conservative Party's 2024 manifesto presents a detailed plan to build a secure, prosperous, and fair Britain by focusing on economic stability, tax cuts, family support, education, national security, and environmental sustainability.

To read the Conservative's full manifesto, read here.

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