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​Summary: The Liberal Democrat Manifesto for 2024

​Summary: The Liberal Democrat Manifesto for 2024

Posted by Emma on 10th Jun 2024

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled their manifesto for 2024, aiming to provide a fair deal for all Britons. This manifesto addresses various issues, from the economy and public services to climate change and social care, promising substantial reforms and investments to improve the quality of life across the United Kingdom.


The Liberal Democrats pledge to revitalise the economy by investing in renewable energy, home insulation and creating new, well-paid jobs. They emphasise supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs and ensuring fair rewards for hard work. The manifesto highlights a commitment to fixing the UK's strained relationship with Europe, reducing trade barriers, and fostering stability for long-term economic growth.

Key proposals include:

  • Investment in green infrastructure and innovation.
  • Creation of Lifelong Skills Grants for adults to spend on education and training throughout their lives.
  • Reversal of Conservative tax cuts for big banks and a windfall tax on oil and gas super-profits.

The manifesto includes significant financial commitments:

£26.8 billion in current spending for 2028-29 covering various sectors, including healthcare, education, and public services.

£19.7 billion annual investment in public assets over the next Parliament, focusing on infrastructure, climate change, and housing.

Public Services

A cornerstone of the manifesto is the promise to bolster public services. The Liberal Democrats plan to hire 8,000 more GPs, guarantee access to NHS dentists, and invest in mental health services. Schools will see increased funding, with every child in poverty receiving free school meals and each school having a dedicated mental health professional. The manifesto also addresses the need for fair taxes, focusing on reversing Conservative tax cuts for big banks and imposing a windfall tax on oil and gas profits.

Key initiatives include:

  • If urgent, a new right to see a GP within seven days or 24 hours.
  • Expanding mental health services with walk-in hubs and regular check-ups at key life stages.
  • Investing in cancer treatment and research, aiming for better survival rates.

Specific financial allocations include:

£8.35 billion to end the crisis in the NHS and social care, including investments in mental health and hospital beds.

£2.96 billion for early years and childcare, providing extra free hours and increasing maternity pay.

Climate Change

Climate change and environmental protection are pivotal in the Liberal Democrat agenda. The manifesto includes plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, invest in renewable energy, and drive a rooftop solar revolution. Additionally, they propose banning water companies from dumping sewage into natural water bodies and enhancing local environmental protection efforts.

Key actions include:

  • A ten-year emergency upgrade programme for home insulation and heat pumps.
  • Restoring the UK's role as a global leader on climate change.
  • Investing in clean energy, transport, and industry to cut emissions and create jobs.

Financially, the manifesto proposes:

£8.4 billion annually to tackle climate change, including home energy upgrades and renewable power investment.

Implementing a proper windfall tax on oil and gas super-profits,estimated to raise £2.12 billion.

Social Care

The manifesto outlines significant reforms in social care, including introducing free personal care and creating a higher Carer's Minimum Wage. The Liberal Democrats also aim to support unpaid carers with better allowances and guaranteed respite breaks. Their plan ensures that care provision is based on need rather than the ability to pay, aiming to alleviate the current crisis in social care services.

Key proposals include:

  • Creating a Royal College of Care Workers to improve recognition and career progression.
  • Establishing a cross-party commission to secure sustainable funding for social care.
  • Increasing support for unpaid carers, including statutory paid leave and regular respite breaks.

Financial commitments include:

£1.45 billion to support unpaid carers, boosting allowances and introducing paid leave.

£2.89 billion additional funding for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland for local priorities.

Family and Education

To support families, the Liberal Democrats propose doubling Statutory Maternity and Shared Parental Pay and introducing an extra month of leave for fathers. They plan to extend free school meals to all impoverished children and invest in early years education to close the attainment gap. The manifesto promises to reinstate maintenance grants for university students and create Lifelong Skills Grants for adults.

Key initiatives include:

  • Putting a dedicated, qualified mental health professional in every primary and secondary school.
  • Increasing school and college funding per pupil above inflation every year.
  • Introducing a 'Tutoring Guarantee' for disadvantaged pupils needing extra support.

Financial highlights include:

£2.17 billion for schools, including mental health professionals and expanded extracurricular activities.

£1.5 billion for higher education and lifelong learning, reinstating maintenance grants and creating Lifelong Skills Grants.

Additional Highlights

Housing: The manifesto pledges to build 150,000 social homes yearly and ensure gigabit broadband for every home and business.

Transport: Proposals include reintroducing the plug-in car grant, cutting VAT on public charging, and extending half fares on public transport for young people.

Rights and Equality: The Liberal Democrats aim to introduce proportional representation for electing MPs and local councillors, which would ensure fairer representation.

Crime and Policing: Plans include restoring community policing, ensuring every burglary is investigated, and tackling the asylum backlog by allowing asylum seekers to work after three months.


The Liberal Democrat manifesto is fully costed, with clear strategies for funding these initiatives without raising income tax, national insurance, or VAT. Instead, they propose reversing tax cuts for banks, implementing a windfall tax on oil and gas companies, and tackling tax avoidance.

This comprehensive plan aims to provide stability, fairness, and prosperity for all. It addresses Britain's key challenges today and ensures a brighter, more equitable future for future generations.

Revenue measures include:

£4.25 billion from reversing Conservative cuts to bank taxes.

£5.21 billion from fair Capital Gains Tax reform.

£2.09 billion from raising the Digital Services Tax on tech giants.

£7.23 billion from tackling tax avoidance and evasion.

To read the Liberal Democrat's full manifesto, click here.

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