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​Tap Into Hidden Talent: Hire Ex-Offenders

​Tap Into Hidden Talent: Hire Ex-Offenders

Posted by Emily on 1st Aug 2023

Are you looking to fill a position with a skilled, enthusiastic employee? Your search might have taken you to online advertisements, in-house referrals, or the Jobcentre. But there's an untapped reservoir of potential you may have yet to consider: the prison service.

Why Consider Hiring Ex-Offenders?

1. Success Stories:

Major companies like Greggs and Timpson have already embraced this idea. Greggs has employed 100 ex-offenders since 2012, with 32% rising to management roles. Timpson is the largest employer of ex-offenders in the UK, with 1,200 in their ranks.

2. Untapped Talent Pool:

Nearly 1/6 of the UK population has a criminal conviction. Imagine the talent you might discover by giving these individuals a chance.

3. Skilled and Ready to Work:

Many ex-offenders leave prison with new qualifications and skills, trained by businesses like Redemption Roasters, who run barista academies within prisons.

4. Encouraging Statistics:

- 86% of employers of ex-offenders rate them as good at their job.

- 92% of employers say diverse recruitment has enhanced their reputation.

- Ex-offenders who find work are up to 9 percentage points less likely to re-offend.

5. Financial Benefits:

Cut your recruitment costs! The prison service can organise interviews before release, helping you find the best candidate at a lower price.

6. Social Responsibility:

Helping ex-offenders turn their lives around by offering employment can reduce re-offending rates and enhance your community's welfare. Research shows that 81% of people see this as a positive societal contribution.

Concerns and Considerations

It's natural to have reservations, but remember:

- Many convictions are for non-violent crimes.

- A person's criminal record may be irrelevant to the job.

- Risk assessments and careful interview processes can mitigate concerns.

Making a Difference

Hiring ex-offenders is about more than filling a role; it's about giving someone a chance to rebuild their life. With unique skills and life experience, they can add diversity and vitality to your workforce.

Tips for Recruiting Ex-Offenders:

- Start small and grow your comfort level.

- Determine which offences are acceptable during recruitment.

- Create an open, non-judgmental interview process.

- Conduct comprehensive risk assessments, considering skills, qualifications, and the role's requirements.


Ex-offenders offer a significant, often overlooked potential. By considering them for employment, you could find your next star employee and make a profound difference in someone's life.

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