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​The Collapse of VBites: Challenges in the Vegan Sector

​The Collapse of VBites: Challenges in the Vegan Sector

Posted by Emily on 12th Dec 2023

VBites, a trailblazing vegan food company established by Heather Mills, has entered administration, provoked by escalating raw materials costs and surging energy prices. Founded in 1993 and expanded in 2009, the company's journey has been a testament to innovation and resilience in the vegan sector.

Heather Mills, the driving force behind VBites, expressed profound distress over the company's downturn. "This is a personal and professional heartbreak," Mills stated. "The dedication of my team, who poured their heart and soul into VBites, was extraordinary. Despite our best efforts and significant financial investments, we faced insurmountable challenges."

Mills attributes the company's struggles to a combination of Brexit-related disruptions and exploitative energy pricing, holding both the government and utility sectors accountable. "The aftermath of Brexit and unethical practices in the energy sector played pivotal roles in this unfortunate turn of events," she remarked.

Interpath Advisory has stepped in as the appointed administrator following unsuccessful attempts to secure new funding. VBites, operating from Peterlee, Co Durham, and Corby, Northamptonshire, remains partially operational. While Peterlee continues to trade under administration, efforts are underway to find a buyer. The company's workforce has faced significant impacts, with layoffs and a handful of employees retained for ongoing operations.

James Clark of Interpath Advisory commented on the situation: "As a prominent player in the UK's vegan food market, VBites' struggles reflect broader challenges in the industry, including cost pressures. Our focus is on supporting affected employees and finding a suitable buyer."

The broader market for vegan products has also seen a downturn, as evidenced by Beyond Meat's sales drop and Pret A Manger's closures of vegetarian and vegan outlets, highlighting an industry-wide trend of financial strain.

We invite our readers to share their insights and thoughts on this development in the vegan food industry. How do you perceive the challenges faced by VBites, and what implications might this have for the sector? Leave your comments below.