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​The Marvellous Art of Marrowfat Pea Washing!

​The Marvellous Art of Marrowfat Pea Washing!

Posted by Stelios on 12th Aug 2023

We're all rushed off our feet, especially in the hustle and bustle of a British Fish & Chip Shop. Yet, amidst the whirlwind of tasks, one mustn't forget a crucial pre-opening ritual: giving our splendid marrowfat peas a jolly good wash!

Say Bye To Murky Pea Water

What makes marrowfat peas stand out in the crowd? Unlike their more ordinary pea cousins, marrowfat peas, alongside other pulses, enjoy an extended stay on the farm. Picture them lounging around in the fields, gathering a smidge of countryside dust. A swift wash, and voilà! The dust bids farewell.

What are the perks of this simple wash?

Your peas will boast a *far superior* taste.

They'll exude a pleasant aroma, saving your nose from the overpowering scent often associated with cooking mushy peas – a result of water's impurities.

Wave goodbye to artificial colourings and excessive seasoning. Clean peas need less dressing up!

I embarked on a mini experiment to satisfy my curiosity. Using a humble tub with a lid, I swirled the peas with water. It's child's play! Just 2-3 minutes of shaking and you'll witness the aftermath of murky water, evidence of the need for a wash. After three spirited rounds of this process, I bid farewell to the murky water.

For an encore performance, give those peas another rinse after a good soak. With their cells plumped up, you might just dance out a tad more dirt.

Plus, it's the perfect chance to bid farewell to any tired-looking peas or unexpected souvenirs from the farm, like wee bits of soil or sneaky pebbles.

So, why not take the plunge? You might be pleasantly surprised. Investing these few moments in rinsing might just have customers queueing up for the finest mushy peas they've ever tasted!