The Power of Regular Fryer Boil Outs

The Power of Regular Fryer Boil Outs

Posted by Stelios on 27th Jul 2023

We all love the tantalising aroma and satisfying crunch of freshly fried fish & chips. Whether it's crispy chicken tenders, calamari, or mouthwatering tempura prawns, there's something undeniably delightful about perfectly fried food. But behind every great fryer, there's a secret that many tend to overlook - the importance of regular boil outs.

You might have the best frying range or fryers in town, use top-quality frying oil, and follow the finest recipes to the letter. However, without proper maintenance, even the most impressive fryer can lose its charm and efficiency over time.

So, what exactly is a fryer boil-out?

A fryer boil-out is a simple but powerful deep-cleaning process that keeps your frying pans and equipment in top-notch condition. It combines water and Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner to break down tough grease, grime, and carbon deposits that accumulate through repeated frying cycles.

Why should you bother with this messy job?

FACT 1. Enhanced Food Quality: Frying naturally causes carbon and polymerised fats to build up on your fryers. This buildup can affect the taste and quality of your fried food. By performing regular boil outs, you'll ensure that your dishes always come out crisp and delicious, free from rancid flavours and aromas.

FACT 2. Cost Savings: Cleaner fryers lead to cleaner, longer-lasting oil. As a result, you'll replace your frying medium less frequently, saving you money on oil costs in the long run.

FACT 3. Improved Performance: Did you know that dirty fryers can impact the performance of your fryer? Clogged temperature probes can lead to inaccurate readings, causing your frying temperature to be off. A good boil-out clears these probes and helps maintain a stable frying temperature.

FACT 4. Longer Equipment Lifespan: Taking care of your frying equipment extends its lifespan and efficiency. Boil outs reveal the actual state of your fryers, allowing you to spot potential problems like pitting or cracks early on. Preventing significant issues before they occur will keep your fryer operational during busy periods.

FACT 5. Cleaner Extraction System: The vapours released during a boil-out not only clean your pans but can also positively impact your extraction system's cleanliness.

How often should you perform a fryer boil-out?

While it may seem like a hassle, performing a fryer boil-out every three months is ideal, regular maintenance will keep the job manageable and ensure your fryer remains in top shape.

In conclusion - don't underestimate the power of a fryer boil-out!

Taking the time to perform this simple yet effective cleaning process will reward you with better-tasting food, cost savings, improved equipment performance, and a longer-lasting frying range. So, make it a habit to give your fryer the attention it deserves, and your customers will surely savour the difference in every crispy bite.